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Spray paint all the things!

Hello World,

Spray paint can work wonders. In just a few minutes, you can transform a thrifted item into a chic piece of home decor. I also recently bought my first can of chalkboard paint, and am now obsessed. I keep finding more and more items to make into chalkboards.

I bought the plaque above at a thrift store, spray painted it with a glossy white paint, and then added two layers of chalkboard paint to the center. It also has a hanging mechanism on the back, so now I just need to decide what room to hang it in.

In my spray painting frenzy, I randomly grabbed a starfish off my bookshelf and painted it gold. Next thing you know, I’m grabbing the rest of them and painting them each a different metallic color. I love how metallic spray paint makes items look more expensive.

I previously did posted tutorial for creating ombre/gradient vases. I used the same technique on these $0.25 vases I bought at a thrift store. Now I am just waiting for spring so I can pop some fresh flowers from my yard in them.

Happy Crafting!