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DIY Halloween Costume #3 – Gnome

DIY Halloween Costume - Gnome

Hello World,

For the third costume in my DIY Halloween series, I’m sharing my mom’s gnome costume. She wore this back when I was six years old, and still had some of the items to re-create it today! This costume is pretty simple, and would work great for both men and women.

She is just wearing a men’s button up shirt (with a pillow stuff inside to add some bulk), plain pants, a piece of roped tied around her waist (works as a belt and to hold the pillow up), and black boots. Her hat is made with a large piece of paper (from the dollar store) that was rolled into a cone and bobby-pinned to her head. Her beard and wig are from a Santa Claus outfit that my family uses for our annual Christmas party.

DIY Halloween Costume - Gnome

But first, let me take a gnomie.


We also managed to get a dog halloween outfit on my sister’s cat, Mousy. (She is not enthused.)

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Happy Costuming!