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DIY Floral Letter

DIY Floral Letter

Hello World,

Want to know why I love DIY-ing so much? It’s an affordable and fun way to create items that are totally custom to your unique style! I love projects that I can make while watching a movie. Today’s project is just that! I had everything except the fake flowers in my craft stash, so this project only cost me $3.00 to make.

Check out the tutorial below:

DIY Floral Letter

1. Gather your supplies: fake flowers (I bought mine at Dollar Tree), cardboard, scissors, a writing utensil, and an adhesive. I took a photo of e6000, but didn’t want to wait for it to dry, so I switched to hot glue at the last minute.

2. Draw out your letter on your cardboard and cut it out.

3. Pop the leaves and flowers off of your fake floral stems.

4. Cover your letter with a base layer of the fake leaves. Glue each of them in place.

5. Glue your large flowers to the letter.

6. Continue gluing flowers to your letter until it is nice and full. I also glued some vintage-style keys to mine.

7. Prop on a shelf or glue some string to the back so you can hang it. And enjoy!

DIY Floral Letter

This could be a cute project to do with your initials, a decorative monogram, or an entire word.

Happy Crafting!