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DIY Constellation Canvases (now a Darby Smart kit!)

Hello World,

Back in January, my first Darby Smart kit launched. The kit included all the craft supplies needed to make your own Suede Fringe Bib. Well, today I have exciting news! Remember my DIY constellation art tutorial? It just launched today as a Darby Smart kit!

Photo Credit: Darby Smart

The kit includes all the supplies needed to make your own out-of-this-world home decor! Materials include: 3 mini canvases, Martha Stewart paint, Martha Stewart glitter, super glue, a silver sharpie, a foam brush, and (my favorite) silver spikes!

Photo Credit: Darby Smart

Head on over to Darby Smart’s website for more details, and if you make your own version, show it off it on Twitter or Instagram with #DarbySmart or #madebyme!

Happy Crafting!

Constellation Canvases - a Darby Smart kit designed by Laura Olphie