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Hello World,

A few years ago, I found this cassette tape case at a consignment shop. I tore this baby apart and completely covered the inside with my favorite Tumblr images and magazine clippings. I have since stored all of my craft paints and printmaking inks inside it.

Compared to the chaotic inside, the outside was just a little too plain. Thanks to Pinterest, I discovered yet another online-shopping-site-to-take-my-money, and was inspired by the design on this sweatshirt.

I just used chalk to outline the design, painted a few coats of acrylic paint, and then used a sharpie to outline the design. A simple DIY to add some pizazz to an old school looking case.

PS- Do you think I painted the word ‘paint’ to literally label the box as containing paint, or as a verb?

Answer – A little bit of both. Happy Crafting!