DIY Ombre with Simply Spray

The FashionArtProjects team sent me some free goodies, and I decided to use the Simply Spray for fabric to ombre a tank.  I bought the tank top at a Humane Society thrift shop for less than a dollar.  I wasn’t a big fan of the beige color, but I did like the high-low hem.

Check below to see how to do this technique as well:

1.  You either could lay the shirt down on a tarp, or do what I did, and hang it from a clothes-line.  I chose this method so I could attack the front, back, and side seams all in one sitting.  Make sure to have a tarp underneath if you are over deck, ect. because of the spray paint fall-off.

2.  I used all three colors they sent me.  I first sprayed the Black.  I spray more at the bottom than the top to create the ombre look.  Next, I sprayed the Blue Jay color.  I sprayed it over the black and continued the ombre.  I noticed I had missed some spots with the blue, so I sprayed the Lavender on last.

3.  If you are happy with the color, just let dry and tada!  The bottles say to wait 72 hours before washing, but I wanted mine to be more faded.  I let mine dry for four hours, and then washed the tank in my sink with luke-warm water. I used a wee-bit of detergent and then put it in the dryer on low.

4.  The bright colors faded because I washed it too soon, but I really like it!  It was so easy to do and now it is a faded, indigo-ombre tank!  I can’t wait to wear this top, and the fabric spray paint didn’t make the shirt a crunchy texture.