More Zipper Flowers!

I watched a total of 17 episodes of Pushing Daisies yesterday online.  Some were hosted by the WB, but a few episodes I had to find on Megavideo and youtube.  I wish they would have continued that show, it was so cute!!!

But while I was a watching the Pie-maker solve mysteries for hours on end, I did make some zipper flowers.  So, I didn’t waste my whole day. haha

Zipper Flower Hair Piece- Orange

I love the anchor center. I love nautical accessories.  This was originally green zipper. Add a little bleach, do a little rinse, dye it and tada! Summer!

Zipper Flower Hair Piece- Midnight

Zipper Flower Hair Piece- Snow

Zipper Flower Hair Piece- Milk & Honey

I think this one is my new favorite.  I love the two colors together.

Zipper Flower Hair Piece- Sunset

This was originally a gross brown zipper.  Who uses a brown zipper?  So I dyed it.  It looks very appropriate for autumn in my opinion.

Zipper Flower Hair Piece- Hey Sailor

Yes, another nautical piece.  I love the two-tone on this one as well. Ohhh summer please don’t ever end.