Ice Cream Shirt & Clock

These are from high school, but still cool ideas. This is my old CD clock. I saved those AOL CDs that came in the mail, and used my sister’s Barbie clock for the numbers and center. It worked really well as a bracelet holder.

My circle is rather imperfect.

This is one of my first tshirt recons. It was one of my dad’s large tshirts from the 90’s, and I loved the color.

My first applique. Made with my old baby pajamas. It’s fuzzy. My machine tried to eat it, literally.

Lady Gaga Clutch!!

I made this clutch out with images in Photoshop, and one of those clear paper sleeves. My friend really loves Lady Gaga, and it is held together with those ugly real estate refrigerator magnets. I just glued the picture sides down before I sewed the papers into the sleeve.

The little heart I stole off a dollar store pen topper.

I used this tutorial: