Vampire Nail Art (for Julep’s Halloween Nail Art Contest)

Vampire Nail Art (for Julep's Halloween Nail Art Contest)

Hello World,

Abbey, the Community Outreach Coordinator at Julep, reached out to me last week and let me know about their fun Halloween Nail Art Contest. They want to see your spookiest, Halloween-inspired nail designs. As a fan of nail art, of course I am entering! I decided to do a bloody vampire mani with nude and dark red polishes, and sealed with a glossy top coat.

Vampire Nail Art (for Julep's Halloween Nail Art Contest)

I did this design on my nails last week, and it looks like Julep and I were on the same wavelength, because they have a bloody manicure in one of their latest blog posts, 5 Minimalist Halloween Nail Art Ideas.

In the spirit of the season, Julep has also put together the following step-by-step Halloween nail art tutorial, exclusively for select bloggers:

Julep's Halloween Nail Art Contest

Feeling inspired? Then check out Julep’s site to see all their fun nail polish colors. If you want to enter the contest too, use #julepinstagrim on Instagram!

Happy Creating!

PS- I was not paid to talk about Julep, I just love nail art and a good contest.

DIY Halloween Costume #3 – Gnome

DIY Halloween Costume - Gnome

Hello World,

For the third costume in my DIY Halloween series, I’m sharing my mom’s gnome costume. She wore this back when I was six years old, and still had some of the items to re-create it today! This costume is pretty simple, and would work great for both men and women.

She is just wearing a men’s button up shirt (with a pillow stuff inside to add some bulk), plain pants, a piece of roped tied around her waist (works as a belt and to hold the pillow up), and black boots. Her hat is made with a large piece of paper (from the dollar store) that was rolled into a cone and bobby-pinned to her head. Her beard and wig are from a Santa Claus outfit that my family uses for our annual Christmas party.

DIY Halloween Costume - Gnome

But first, let me take a gnomie.


We also managed to get a dog halloween outfit on my sister’s cat, Mousy. (She is not enthused.)

Looking for more halloween costumes ideas? Well, it’s your lucky day, because I have all my DIY costumes (and decor tutorials too!) listed here.

Happy Costuming!

DIY Burlap & Lace Bunting

DIY Burlap & Lace Bunting

Hello World,

I’ve been seeing bunting on Pinterest and Etsy lately being used for birthdays and weddings, using fun fabrics or different papers. I made some of my own, but my own spin of it and used thrifted lace trim and burlap.

DIY Burlap & Lace Bunting

I made mine say “Happy Halloween,” but I think I’ll make another set near Christmas too. Maybe even another one that just says “love” for all year round decor.

DIY Burlap & Lace Bunting

1. Gather your supplies: burlap fabric, lace trim, glue (I used Aleene’s tacky glue), scissors, a paintbrush, paint, and alphabet stencils (mine were from this Darby Smart kit).

2. Cut out as many triangles as you need from the burlap. I bought a yard, and used only a third of it for 14 triangles.

3. Place a piece of paper under your first burlap triangle, to protect your work surface. Place your first stencil letter down, and gently paint within the stencil.

4. Remove the stencil, and a fill in the stencil spaces if you want a full letter. Allow to dry, and repeat with all your other letters.

5. Line all your painted burlap triangles in a row, and apply glue to the top of each triangle. (I did two bunting strands, so HAPPY and HALLOWEEN were separate pieces in the end.) (I forgot to take a photo of this step.)

6. Leave at least a foot of lace trim free at each end, and press the lace trim onto the glued areas. Allow to dry flat overnight. (I get an F- and forgot to take a photo of this too.)

7. Hang and enjoy!

Happy Crafting!