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DIY Gold & Lace Flower Pots

Hello World,

Spring is right around the corner, and I am so ready for it. Even though this winter wasn’t very harsh, I have always been a warmer weather girl. Today’s project is perfect if you want to bring some spring inside your home. Check out the tutorial below to make your own gold and lace flower pots:

1. Gather your supplies: flower pots (I bought a 3-pack at Dollar Tree), spray paint, lace trim, Mod Podge, a brush, clear gloss spray paint (not pictured), and scissors (not pictured).

2. At first, I just spray painted my flower pots gold. Well, the paint didn’t stick and dusted off when I touched them. I then sprayed them with clear spray paint and allowed that to dry.

3. I then spray painted them gold, and the paint did stick. Allow colored paint to dry.

4. Apply Mod Podge to your flower pot lip.

5. Place your lace trim where you applied the Mod Podge. Trim lace so it barely overlaps.

6. Apply Mod Podge on top of the lace. Allow to dry.

7. Fill with soil and add some happy little plants.

Happy Crafting!

Spray paint all the things!

Hello World,

Spray paint can work wonders. In just a few minutes, you can transform a thrifted item into a chic piece of home decor. I also recently bought my first can of chalkboard paint, and am now obsessed. I keep finding more and more items to make into chalkboards.

I bought the plaque above at a thrift store, spray painted it with a glossy white paint, and then added two layers of chalkboard paint to the center. It also has a hanging mechanism on the back, so now I just need to decide what room to hang it in.

In my spray painting frenzy, I randomly grabbed a starfish off my bookshelf and painted it gold. Next thing you know, I’m grabbing the rest of them and painting them each a different metallic color. I love how metallic spray paint makes items look more expensive.

I previously did posted tutorial for creating ombre/gradient vases. I used the same technique on these $0.25 vases I bought at a thrift store. Now I am just waiting for spring so I can pop some fresh flowers from my yard in them.

Happy Crafting!

Gradient Vase from a Bottle

Hello World,

My favorite craft projects involve repurposed materials. I previously showed two techniques for sprucing up vases with spray paint. Check them out here.

Last summer I found a tutorial for cutting bottles with yarn, nail polish remover, and a lighter- and failed miserably. I blogged about my Pinterest fail, and asked for suggestions to succeed next time around. I decided to give the technique another try, and actually succeeded this time!

Check out how to make your own gradient vase below:

1. Gather your supplies: spray paint and a bottle. If you want to try cutting your vase you also will need: nail polish remover, yarn, sandpaper, and a lighter.

2. Remove all labels from your bottle.

3. Wash your bottle. If you have sticker residue, let the bottle soak in sudsy hot water. Load a scrubby with soap and then have at the sticker residue. Dry your bottle.

4. If you want to cut the top of your bottle check out this tutorial. From my experience, I rotated my bottle more quickly, and for more than 30 seconds. Dull down the sharp edges with sand paper. If you don’t want to risk accidentally lighting anything on fire, skip this step.

5. In a ventilated area, spray paint your bottle. For a gradient effect, spray more towards the bottle, and quickly work your way up the bottle.

6. Allow to dry. In my last photo, I placed the top of the bottle upside down inside the vase portion to help hold my fake flower stems in place.