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2014 Holiday Gift Guide + $200 PayPal Giveaway!

Hello World,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! As I love supporting handmade artisans and small businesses, today I’m sharing a handmade holiday gift guide (with coupon codes!) curated by fellow bloggers, Karissa and Cassie. I’ve also teamed up with them and some other great bloggers (see the full list at the end of the post) to giveaway $200 in PayPal cash! Check it out below:

Fall-Gift-Guide-TEXT copy (1)

Welcome to Cassie and Karissa‘s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide! Finding unique, thoughtful gifts during the Holiday season can be hard.  That’s why we teamed up with some amazing small business owners to share a few beautiful gifts for each person in your life! We’re even giving away $200 Paypal Cash so that that one lucky person can go on a little Christmas shopping spree. We encourage you to partake in the giveaway and to use the coupon codes below to get some amazing pieces! Happy Holidays!


For Her

awl snap redo

Awl Snap. Awl Snap’s leather goods are founded and forged in the wonderful city of Richmond, VA.  Boasting ridiculously soft leathers in rich earth tones, each Awl Snap product is created with attention to functionality, durability, and a slight nod to the quirkiness in all of us.

Receive 15% off with the code GIFTGUIDE14

gertie and b

Gertie & Baxter. Gertie & Baxter is a women’s accessories line, hand crafted in downtown Los Angeles. Our line focuses on American girl style, specializing in headbands, scarves, boot socks and other accessories to keep you cute!

Receive 15% off with the code GIFTGUIDE14 

poshy daisy redo

The Posh Daisy. The {posh} Daisy started  when I couldn’t find that perfect hand stamped piece of jewelry that I had been looking for. I decided why not make my own? After that I was hooked. My mom and I opened up our Etsy shop in 2011 and the rest is history. We love owning this little business together; we get to talk and laugh and create! Nothing better than that. Our collection is boho, shabby chic, and classic. Something for everyone, personalized, and one of a kind jewelry.

Receive 25% off with the code GIFTGUIDE14  

fedeli images

Fedeli Jewelry.  Fedeli jewelry was born out of a love for a necklace that belonged to my mother; the necklace is delicate, gold, and sits at just the right spot on my neck. I wanted to begin creating things that had an essence of my mother in them – beautiful, dainty, and captivating.

Receive 20% off with the code GIFTGUIDE14


For Him


Kith & Kin. Kith&Kin is a family of makers. It’s been in our blood for generations. Our grandparents made our toys and quilts, our moms made our pajamas, and we fell asleep in beds our dads made. When we met, we fell in love and felt at home…and kept the making alive. We even made four kids! Now we make everything together.   We invite you to be apart of our family with our high quality, handmade pieces.

Receive 20% off all bags with the code GIFTGUIDE14


 For the Home/Office

stamp nouveau

Stamp Nouveau. In this internet filled world, finding a hand addressed card or letter in your mailbox is a special treasure! Our designer stamps are the perfect way to add your personal touch to all your outgoing treasures. This world needs more love letters!

Receive 15% off with the code GIFTGUIDE14


Cey Events and Design.CEY Events and Design was born out of a love for burlap, lace, and anything gold.  I love creating chic, affordable, and pops of glamour for any space. Items featured are burlap and gold pillows, state design pillows, gold foil prints, sequin hangers, and repurposed mettalic items.

Receive 25% off orders of $30 or more with the code GIFTGUIDE14

free folding

FreeFolding. Freefolding is my studio brand of contemporary functional ceramic home-ware. I’m a one woman show; creating, making, and designing each piece single handedly. I love making vessels out of clay sheets. I investigate its options to be folded, closed and create a container. THe new ways to unravel traditional forms and to play with them are the force that attracts and motivates me forward. Though decliate and so fine-looking, my ceramic is amazingly practical, and can be used anywhere in the kitchen, being oven, microwave, and dishwasher proof.

Receive 20% off with the code GIFTGUIDE14

a little bit collage

A Little Bit of Me. A Little Bit specializes in big bright blooms, custom illustrations, and #spreadjoyandhappymail cards to spread joy through snail mail!

Receive 20% off with the code GIFTGUIDE14

modern memo redo

Modern Memo. Modern Memo creates original, handmade greeting cards with the use of modern calligraphy and heat embossing. The unique use of heat embossing gives the pattern a raised and textured look while also adding a sheen and vivid color. These cards are perfect for any occasion!

Receive 20% with the code GIFTGUIDE2014


For the Kids


Babysprouts & Company. Babysprouts & Company is a small-town handmade business specializing in baby accessories (teethers, pacifier clips) and apparel (leggings, harem pants).  We are a new company with a BIG dream! Our shop contains high-quality products with modern prints.

Receive 25% off with the code GIFTGUIDE14

Now for the free money! Thanks to these beautiful ladies we have $200 PayPal Cash to giveaway. Be sure to check them out to gain lots of entries!

Winning entry will be verified. Winner must have a valid PayPal account for money to be transferred.

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DIY Halloween Costume #1 – Glinda

Halloween Costume Idea #1 - Glinda

Hello World,

From the my last blog post, it has been established that I love Halloween. I love decorating, making delicious treats, and most of all I love dressing up for Halloween. I think I inherited the love of costumes from my mom, as my mom always had awesome DIY costumes every year growing up.

Recently, I was looking through old photos, and realized many of my mom’s costumes would still be great costumes to worn today. She went digging through her costume bins, and found she still had many of the items needed for each costume. My mom, being a good sport has remade and modeled some of best ones, and I’ll be sharing them all up until Halloween.

Halloween Costume Idea #1 - Glinda

To kick off this Halloween costumes series, today I’m first sharing her Glinda costume. (1 Because The Wizard of Oz is still one of my favorite movies. And 2 because the sleeves are just that great.)

The dress she is wearing is actually a bridesmaid dress she wore back in the 80’s. She then tied some glittery pink tulle and ribbon around her waist to add a little more pizzazz, and stuffed her sleeves with tissues to make them even more amazing.

Halloween Costume Idea #1 - Glinda

The petticoat she has under the dress is also from the 80’s wedding, and has so many layers of tulle. To pull off a Glinda costume, I’d highly recommend wearing a cage or petticoat to fill out your dress more.

Halloween Costume Idea #1 - Glinda

She bought her crown at a Halloween costume story for less than $10 a few years ago. For her wand (you can find similar ones at the dollar store), she tied silver and gold curled ribbon to it to dress it up. She used a 1-inch curling for her hair, and wore glittery and pearl accessories to top off her look.

Halloween Costume Idea #1 - Glinda

Happy Costuming!

DIY Valentine Decor

Hello World,

My latest Etsy Treasury and this video inspired the DIY project below.

When I began this project, I just started making paper roses, without a plan for what I was going to glue them on. I figured once I made a decent pile of them, it would dawn on me.

After making it through a few episodes of The Originals (I actually like it way more than Vampire Diaries), my coffee table was covered with paper roses and scraps. Fast forward a few days, and those paper roses were still piled on my coffee table, waiting to be utilized.

I wanted to glue them to something inexpensive, so I went thrift shopping and to a dollar store (where I picked up a shelf liner). I originally was going to glue the roses to the shelf liner, but just ended up making more roses with it. I just love the textured roses!

Fast forward a few more days and it dawns on me. I have a pizza box in my recycling bin. I could glue all these roses to it instead of a canvas. Thankfully one of my New Year’s resolutions wasn’t to avoid carbohydrates. Check out the inexpensive tutorial below:

1. Gather your supplies: paper or various materials (lace, burlap, a shelf liner, etc), a hot glue gun, glue sticks, scissors, a base to glue the roses to (hello pizza box!), and spray paint.

2. Make all your roses by cutting out paper swirls and twirling them into a rose shape. Check out this video tutorial for a better explanation.

3. I spray painted the lid to my pizza box white. This way if there were gaps between my roses, the brown cardboard wouldn’t be visible.

4. Trim your cardboard, draw out your design, and start hot glueing your roses down.

5. Continue glueing until the cardboard is completely covered.

6. Tada! You have some super inexpensive Valentine decor!

I think I’ll make another version of this, and glue burlap roses to some old barn wood. Maybe I’ll make a giant cursive monogram.

Happy Crafting!