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Darby Smart Kit Giveaway!

Photo Credit: Darby Smart
Photo Credit: Darby Smart

Hello World,

Earlier this week, my second DIY kit design (Constellation Canvases) launched on Darby Smart, and they are giving a kit away to one lucky winner! The kit includes everything you need to make the project, and comes in the cutest packaging! Who doesn’t love free things?! (Especially free crafting goodies!)

Sweepstakes ends 6/24/2014.

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DIY Constellation Canvases (now a Darby Smart kit!)

Hello World,

Back in January, my first Darby Smart kit launched. The kit included all the craft supplies needed to make your own Suede Fringe Bib. Well, today I have exciting news! Remember my DIY constellation art tutorial? It just launched today as a Darby Smart kit!

Photo Credit: Darby Smart

The kit includes all the supplies needed to make your own out-of-this-world home decor! Materials include: 3 mini canvases, Martha Stewart paint, Martha Stewart glitter, super glue, a silver sharpie, a foam brush, and (my favorite) silver spikes!

Photo Credit: Darby Smart

Head on over to Darby Smart’s website for more details, and if you make your own version, show it off it on Twitter or Instagram with #DarbySmart or #madebyme!

Happy Crafting!

Constellation Canvases - a Darby Smart kit designed by Laura Olphie


Going Stag Jewelry Holder

Hello World,

Guess what? I have another Darby Smart kit to show you today! The original kit was designed by Los Angeles-based designer, Joanna Reynolds. I think this kit is such a clever idea for a jewelry holder.

I live in Idaho, and most of my friends have actual animal heads mounted in their living rooms. I am not very outdoorsy, and have never been hunting. I know GASP. I went to a high school where the senior guys wore flannel cutoffs, thought mullets were cool, and would go hunting before school sometimes. It just was never my scene. (Plus, I don’t really like the taste of venison.)

So I thought this was a nice alternative to having an actual head mounted in my bedroom, and it can be completely customized to your own style!

Darby Smart even included this super cute lollipop in the Valentine’s Day spirit!

The kit originally comes with two mini cans of spray paint, a bunch of gem stones, glue, wire, pliers, a wooden plaque, and a metal hanging hardware. Note: I used other supplies in my stash to make my version.

I originally painted the wooden plaque white and hand painted a realistic deer head on it. I was planning on gluing the gemstones onto the plaque as a necklace design on the deer, but I couldn’t get the ears right. In the middle of my perfectionist frustration, I painted the entire plaque black and went with a geometric design instead, in neon colors (using my own acrylic paint).

If you want to try this kit out, but want to paint a design, Darby Smart sells some acrylic paint colors separately too here. I didn’t end up using all the supplies from this kit, and will be saving the gem stones for another project.

I really like the gold wire antlers with the brightly painted plaque. Does the fringe necklace above look familiar? That was my original prototype for my Darby Smart kit!

If you think this kit is a rad idea as well, you can check out the original gem-stone-tastic kit here. (I know I’ve said it a million times, but seriously sign up for their emails or follow them on Facebook, they send/post coupon codes periodically. Who doesn’t like a deal?)

Happy Crafting!

PS- Unlike my other kit posts, this was my first complimentary kit from Darby Smart and all opinions are my own.