DIY Bleach Fringe Crop Top


Hello World,

Are you heading to Coachella or any fun festivals this year? Maybe you just love the fashion from these events, like I do. My style is usually a little edgier, but in the summer I do like to embrace my inner flower child, and throw in some boho pieces. And I might have a weakness for anything with fringe. Every time I go thrifting, I search for a white leather, fringe jacket- like the one Lana Del Rey wears in “Born to Die.”

I made the fringe top below with a $1.80 Forever21 tank top, but this could totally be done with a shirt you already own.


1. Gather your supplies: bleach, a container partially filled with water, a tank top, paintbrush, scissors, and cardboard.

2. Slide your cardboard into your shirt, so the bleach doesn’t bleed through inconsistently.

3. If you use straight bleach on your shirt, it might eat right through the fabric. Dilute it by first adding a tablespoon to half a cup of water. If that is too weak, add more bleach. Also be sure to do this project in a well-ventilated area.

4. Dip your brush in your diluted bleach, and start ‘painting’ your design on your shirt. Tip: draw your design smaller than you desire, the bleach with spread slightly. That’s why my cheetah spots are a little bloated.

5. Continue until you have painted out your entire design. If you want spots brighter, you can go over them again with more bleach.

6. Cut the bottom hem off your shirt.

7. Cut up towards the top of your tank, in either half inch or quarter inch sections. Make your fringe as long or short as you want.

8. Once you have completely cut your fringe pieces, gently pull on each string so it curls up on itself.

9. Tie a knot at the base of each fringe piece if you want your fringe pieces to be skinny all the way up.

10. You can leave your tank like this, or create a crisscross pattern like I did. I just knotted each fringe piece with its neighbor.

11. I did this a second time by tying each fringe piece again with its neighbor. You could continue all the way to the bottom if you wanted a weaved look.

12. Trim any pieces that seem a little too long. Pop that baby on and twirl around- you know you want to. 🙂

Happy Crafting!

Ladder Fringe Necklace

Hello World,

I love a good necklace. You can wear them layered with a scarf, or by themselves to spruce up an outfit. Check out the tutorial below to see how to make your own bohemian necklace:

1. Gather your supplies: pliers, beading pins, beads, jump rings, and chain.

2. I didn’t have eye pins in my stash, so I instead made my own by bending the pin around the tip of a pair of pliers.

3. I then trimmed the flat head tip off the pin, and added my beads onto this end.

4. After adding all my beads onto a pin, I bent the other end into a loop, securing the beads.

5. Instead of closing the chain like a traditional necklace, instead line up your beads pins with each tail end of your chain.

6. Attach your beaded pins to the chain with jump rings using your pliers.

7. Create your bead fringes by adding beads onto flathead pins.

8. Attach your bead fringes to the end of your necklace with jump rings.

This is my first version. I want to create another with turquoise beads, longer pins, and a tapering fringe. (similar to my Darby Smart necklace)

Happy Crafting!