Pinterest Party

Hello World!

Long time, no post!  It seems like I have had little-to-no free time lately. I have just been so busy working two jobs and concentrating on school. Also, my late-2007 Macbook Pro has started to show its old age- so I have been avoiding ‘stressing it out’ by running intense programs like Photoshop on it. lol

In the midst of all this chaos and stress, I did host a small Pinterest Party to celebrate my 23rd birthday! I bought enough supplies for myself and four other people to complete a few crafts. Everyone invited was asked to bring a food/drink inspired by a Pinterest recipe.

The crafts I had were:
~ Fabric covered canvases + contact paper + paint to create DIY home decor
~ Light switches, to be covered with Mod Podge and glitter (sadly I have no pictures of these.)
~ Wooden signs. (This actually was an impromptu craft. I had a pile of scrap wood sitting in my craft room, and everyone loved the old, barn wood, so they made even more signs with these.)


 I made creamsicle drinks. (Whipped Vodka, orange soda and whipped cream.)


The straws looked so cute, but they did not hold up in liquid.


I also really wanted a Barbie cake for my bday, so I spent four hours making this beauty. She was so heavy! I used 2.5 containers of frosting, 1 box of chocolate cake and 1 box of brownie mix (to make her dress taller.)


Here is my little crafting setup. I HIGHLY encourage buying a cheap tablecloth. (Mine was less than a dollar at Walmart.) It protected my table from hot glue, glitter + mod podge, and paint.


While making our signs.


All the signs made at the party. I only ended up making one because I am such a perfectionist.

Happy Crafting!