Windowsill Garden

I started a garden outside this summer, but all the Walmart plants I bought croaked two weeks after planting them.  I’m guessing my plants either died because: they were watered during the day, the dirt is nutrient-deprived (even weeds don’t grow in it!), or the plants were packed with pesticides and not the slightest amount ‘natural.’

My indoor garden has been very successful though! I have a baby aloe plant from one of my friends, and greens onions from the supermarket that I put in a cup of water (they grow like crazy even after you cut them). I also have a tropical plant I bought back in June (it was so tiny when I first got it!), a succulent I repotted after it spawned too many children, and a basil plant also from the grocery store.

I love my little garden, it sits right in the sunshine and makes me feel like I have a little green thumb.

I love basil. It hands-down is my favorite herb.  Recipes taste so much better with fresh basil.  It is great in sauces, soups, salads, ect.

What else could you creatively put a plant in? I know I love putting plants in tea cups!

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One thought on “Windowsill Garden

  1. 208lauren

    Terrarium’s in glass are amazing to plant in. All you need is some moss, rocks, a glass container (thrift shops have some great ones), sand (for a cacti) or regular potting soil. They look awesome and are super easy to take care of 🙂


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