D.D.I.Y. (Don’t Do It Yourself) Hair

I have gradually been highlighting my hair to go blonder, but I grew impatient.  So I decided to bleach all of my own hair at home.  I thought I would make a blog post about DIY hair color. My mom, who is a cosmetologist, usually does my hair, and I felt that I had seen her mix bleach enough times to do it myself. WRONG.

Now here instead is my experience for a DDIY. (DON’T DO IT YOURSELF)


I wanted my hair to look like Reese. So pretty.

I bought a Loreal “Super Blonde” kit #200, and went at it.  I thought it wouldn’t turn orange because my old highlights aren’t ever orange. WRONG. I also thought that I had light brown hair, but my mom says I have a 5-6 in color.  I started with my ends first, and then moved to my scalp, but my roots ended up super orange, and the rest of my hair meh-orange-yellow. I tried to use a Wella toner with 20Vol to neutralize the orange, but it barely helped. At this point (at 2 AM) I was going into bad-hair-shock. I went to bed, had hair-insomnia, and hoped that I could fix my catastrophe in the morning.

As soon as I woke up, I started googling hair salons in my town and bolted over as soon as one opened. Michelle, the cosmetologist suggested we bleach more highlights to cover the orange instead of going back to brown.  She used a purple-tinted bleach.

After she highlighted my hair, she used Shimmer Lights (by Clariol) to try and neutralize the super brassy areas. It helped some because it is a dark purple shampoo. I suggested we use a purple/blue toner, but she stated that it would turn my new highlights lavender.  (Lavender and orange hair = sexyyyyyyy… not)

Now my hair is so damaged.  It has breakage and is really dry at the ends. Luckily it didn’t fall all out. Michelle helped to blend some of the orange, and for the mean time I bought a Matrix hair masque, and Shimmer Lights (suggested by 3 friends who made the same mistake I did- too bad they didn’t tell me before).

I feel the new hair conflicts with my skin tone, but it is tolerable for now. I miss my old color… I am going to wait 2-3 weeks before doing anything else, since my hair is in chemical shock. I did buy a nice fedora and have plenty of scarves to cover my hair in the mean time.

Don’t make the same mistake as me, do not DIY hair. I thought it would cost me $10, but it ended up costing just over $100 for all the supplies and highlights.

PS: Mom, I will never ever DIY my hair again.